It's a puzzle game with a narrative about a cat's journey of regaining freedom from narrowly defined gender expectations and embracing the cat sexuality spectrum.

The game is called Free Again because while children's minds were free from rigid conceptions about the world (sexuality included), adults' hearts are locked by rigid ideas; the spectrum, among other similar ideas, removes some rigidity from how we perceive the world, and make us freer just as we were children.

lvl 1: Manly Man

lvl 2: Childhood

lvl 3: Teenager

lvl 4: Young Adult

lvl 5: Future

It's made for the #RainbowJam2017 ^^


  • Display the next sentence: arrow key →
  • Display the previous sentence: arrow key ←
  • Start the game: enter
  • Restart the game when the cat dies: enter
  • Direct the cat: a s d w


If the cat hits a colored dot, it becomes longer.
If the cat hits a box with a black dot inside, it becomes shorter.
In each challenge, you need to acquire a certain amount of blocks to win. Empty circles or squares indicate your goals, while solid circles or squares indicate the amount you acquired.

More Notes:

  • If the game interface is too wide or too tall for your screen, consider zoom out a bit. To zoom out, hold down the CTRL (or Command) key and then press the - (minus) key.
  • Please click somewhere within the game interface once. Then the game interface will become responsive to keyboard inputs.
  • Please turn on your speaker. It has some audio effects.

Gameplay video

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Tags2D, Abstract, artgame, Colorful, Coming Of Age, Gay, LGBT, Pixel Art, rainbowjam, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes


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Really cute!  I played it until the end and I enjoyed it.  It was a little frustrating, however - sometimes the keys wouldn't respond, or the "eraser" blocks were so tight together that it was better to die and start over than to try to erase a mistakenly-gotten gender block.  

However, the gameplay was unique and cute, and the message was nice.  I liked it.