You, the unicorn🦄, are on a mission to clean up the stigma about homosexuality spread out in a subway station.


  • Nudge people👨👩 and objects🌼🌻🌹🌵🗑️ around.
  • Cleanse stigma by enclosing them.

Notice that some people🙅🙅‍♂️ won't help you enclose and clean up stigma.


  • Move: a s d w
  • Undo: u
  • Mode: m

The Winning Condition:

  • All Stigma Cleansed
  • All Unicorns Found


Despicable, disgusting, stupid, immoral, and obscene, who wants to be these unacceptable things? However, due to stigmatization, homosexuals were thought to be the sum of these things. Adam Lambert's lyric "They've branded us enough" from Outlaws Of Love also speaks to this negative "branding" of homosexuals.

According to a version of word2vec, homosexual as a word is similar to immoral, while immoral as a word is similar to despicable, irresponsible, shameful, disgusting, unacceptable, illegal, outrageous, stupid, obscene, and vile. This is an unfortunate situation mirrored in our language, but which is our recent history and a part of the present.

Even though homosexual is stigmatized, many people decided to be true to what they love despite these annoyance and made the world a more wonderful place by excelling in all professions.

This game uses these sounds from freesound:

This game can take 40 extremely busy minutes to beat. I hope that you will enjoy playing the game just I enjoyed making this game. It's made for the Rainbow Jam 2020. Leave me a comment. Let me know what you think!


  • 2020.9.11 Inspired by how Landric played the game, I added a new game mode, the abstract mode, to the game. You can switch on or off the abstract mode by pressing "m" on your keyboard.

Development log


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Loved the game and agree with the message. I did not think I was going to complete the whole puzzle, but got to into it and did so anyways xD but yah, agreed someone else's life choices has no affect on another person. It is a shame it is still an issue now. Leaving a follow and hope to see more =D


Thanks for the kind words!

I'm looking forward to seeing more interesting videos from you!

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You can give them 🙅🙅‍♂️ some objects, such as 🌼🌻🌹 to see if they change their minds.

managed to clear all stigmas and find all unicorns! i enjoyed the "secret" unicorn and had fun trying to decide what to move where. the ending scene was amusing to watch! good job!

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So happy to know that you enjoyed playing the game. It means a lot to me.

I also enjoyed playing your game. It's a special experience. The aesthetics feels transparent, light and delightful. The black and the green go so well together.

The music is also good. It feels emotional and sober at the same time.
I'm glad that you joined the jam and created a gem :)


thank you so much for your kind words ;o; im so glad you like it!! this jam has been an amazing experience